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Room: AMEE - International Symposium of Medical Education
Title Speaker
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New Trends in Medical Education Ronald M Harden
Scholarship in Medical Education
What is scholarship? Ronald M Harden
How to get your work published? Trevor Gibbs
Research in Medical Education Jennifer Cleland
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Best Evidence in Medical Education
BEME Collaboration and its importance today Madalena PatrĂ­cio
Moving to evidence based teaching _ the different types of Systematic Reviews Morris Gordon
Causes and prevention of cognitive (diagnostic) error: How should research / theory inform our teaching? Michelle Daniel
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Curriculum Development Peter McCrorie
Teaching Evidence Based Medicine: Practical Approaches Antonio Vaz Carneiro
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Cheating in assessments: doing, detecting and deterring Trudie Roberts
The importance of ASPIRE to EXCELLENCE in teaching John Dent
After 40 years of the OSCE, is it time for a change? Richard Fuller
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