The Forum of Secretaries of Education will take place on October 5th - 6th during the EDUCA VR360 Education Congress in an online format and presents an open invitation to participate in the 5,570 Brazilian municipalities . In this space, the Secretariats of Education have the opportunity to contribute effectively to the national education through the CASO report of a project planned and executed by the education department that has been successful and has brought positive results to the community.


Through the experience gained in implementing the project, this education secretariat can make a major contribution to the Brazilian Education as it can help tens or hundreds of other municipalities that have similar problems that can benefit from the exchange of information and knowledge.
Each Education department can register up to 2 jobs.
The best works will receive the prize:

Educa VR360 - Innovation in Education Trophy.


Secretary of Education: Give visibility to the excellent work that has been developed in your municipality or state and share your best successful projects with more than 5,500 Brazilian municipalities that can benefit.
Secretaries of Education and their staff members of the technical staff, come to participate in this forum, bringing contributions and carrying ideas that can be adapted and customized in your municipality.

Get in touch with the work teams that have developed smart and innovative projects and strategies that have generated results in their municipalities.

This forum has a non-partisan character, as it seeks to focus on an even greater goal: the search for intelligent and effective solutions to major problems of Education in our Country.

Here's how to participate:
1) As a participant in the Forum of Secretaries of Education event.


2) As an integral member of your State or Municipal Education Department sending success cases carried out by the Secretariat in your State or Municipality. Give visibility to your success stories, as they can contribute to solving similar problems in other states or municipalities.