The world is changing – education must also change. Societies everywhere are undergoing deep transformation, and this calls for new forms of education to foster the competencies that societies and economies need, today and tomorrow.”
— "Rethinking Education," UNESCO 2015

Educa VR360, will be a totally different, current, interactive and disruptive event that aims to bring together in the same virtual space all the actors that lead the educational universe.
The event has approximately 120 conferences and 20 panels distributed in sub-themes that move from basic education to higher education and postgraduate, management, methodologies, neuroscience, public policies, educational technology, etc.

There will also be a forum for secretaries of education, managers, parents and students.

All participants who have contributions to the area of ​​education may submit free subjects, in oral format or posters, which will be evaluated by the scientific committee and obtaining approval, will have space of prominence in the event.A exhibition space will be available to all enrolled participants so they have access to a variety of companies and institutions that will be promoting their activities at the virtual fair. Welcome, everyone.

We are waiting for you at Educa VR360.



Here's how to participate:
1) As a Congress member of the VR360 Educa Education Congress event online.


2) As Congressman and presenter of ABSTRACTS. See the GUIDELINES for submission and presentation of ABSTRACT ORAL TOPICS or POSTERS. Click here to learn more.