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Rosa Malena Delbone - Invites you to join Educa VR360

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Doctor and Professor. Specialist, Master and Doctor in Hematology (UNIFESP / EPM 1990-2002) and Specialist in Education for Health Professions (UFC / FAIMER Brasil Institute 2008-2009). Associate Professor at FMUFMG (since 2003) and member of the Center for Studies and Research in Medical Education at FMUFMG (since 2016). Coordinator of the UNIFENAS-BH Medical School and member of the Center for Studies and Development in Medical Education (2006-2015). Professor of the Professional Master's Degree in Health Education UNIFENAS (since 2016). Educational Advisor at the Santa Casa BH Teaching and Research Institute (2017-2018). MBA Professor Academic and University Administration - Carta Consulta (2018). Academic Director of Santa Casa BH Teaching and Research (since 2018). Pedagogical Coordinator of the Preceptor Training Course from the perspective of COAPES, UNASUS (since 2018). Member of the Board of SAEME (Medical School Accreditation System). Professional experience in development and management of pedagogical project of course and curriculum, active learning methodologies; communication skills; person-centered clinical method and clinical reasoning. Develops research in cooperation with Erasmus University (since 2011). Consultant in Medical Education, coordinates the Teaching in Tariff Program - Carta Consulta. 52nd Jabuti Literature Prize (2010) for the book "Laboratory Medicine for the Clinician".

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