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Madalena Patrício is Honorary Member and Scientific Consultant of the Department of Medical Education (DEM) at the Faculdade de Medicine da Universidade de Lisboa (FMUL). She is the Coordinator of the DEM Medical Education Program for teachers’ training and integrates the Center for Evidence Based Medicine (CEMBE) where she leads the BEME Collaboration Group (Best Evidence Medical Education). International Positions  Past President of AMEE (the major International Association for Medical Education) (  Member Ex-officio of AMEE Executive Committee  Chair of BEME (Best Evidence in Medical Education) BOARD (international group dedicated to the development of evidence-based education in the medical and health professions (  Founding Member of ASPIRE, an AMEE initiative for the International Recognition of Excellence in Education (  Member of the ASPIRE BOARD (  Member of the Jury for the Karolinska Institutet Prize on Research on Medical Education  Chair of the Miriam Friedman Ben David Educator Award Committee, to recognize extraordinary efforts and contributions from young educators. Areas of Interest Clinical competence assessment, OSCE, Humanization of Medicine, Medical Humanities, Ethics, Evidence-based Education, Community Teaching and Social Responsibility of Medical Schools Scientific Activity Co-author and co-editor of 5 books: 'The Definitive Guide to the OSCE: The Objective Structured Clinical Examination as a performance assessment’ (Harden RM, Lilley P, Patricio M. 2016), Handbook of Good Educational Practices in Health Professions' (Jordão JG, Patricio M. 2002), Medical Skills – A resource book for teachers (Metz J, Patricio M, Peinado JM, Szekeres P. 1999), Baby XXI - The Changing patterns for the child and family in the turn of the century (Gomes Pedro J, Patricio M. 1999), Baby XXI - Biopsychology of early parent-infant communication. (Gomes-Pedro J, Patricio MF. 1989). She has published more than 20 papers (first author in 12) in journals of international circulation with scientific arbitration, has more than 150 presentations in conferences or scientific events of which 120 by invitation Member of External Accreditation Team of Medical Faculties & postgraduate programmes  17 Official Postgraduate Programmes, AQU Accreditation Agency, Spain 2006  Faculty of Medicine, University of Girona, AQU Accreditation Agency, Spain 2016  Faculty of Medicine, University of Lleida, AQU Accreditation Agency, Spain 2017 Volunteer Training Programs of Health Professionals in Africa Co-coordinator, teacher and assessor in training programs for Doctors and Nurses developed at Portuguese ancient colonies, namely 3 in Mozambique, 2 in São Tomé and 1 in Angola (1998/2001) Awards and International Distinctions  AMEE Life Time Achievement, 2013  Honorary Member of the ‘Reial Académie de Medicina de Catalunya’, 2012  Gusi International Peace Prize, awarded by the Gusi Foundation, Manila, 2018  Member of UNESCO International Council of Education Department Chair in Bioethics 2019.

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